Essential tips for an eco friendly bathroom

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In any household, it is always the bathroom that occupies minimum space. Although this is true in most cases, it cannot be denied that it is the bathroom where people tend to freely use the water and other resources, thus overindulging and causing wastage of colossal magnitudes. This is the one place in the entire house where chemical cleaners are used in abundance and paper rolls are used excessively and without remorse. However, if you wish to have a greener bathroom, all you need to do is make some minor alterations to your Thane homes.

1.)    Save water in the toilets:

The modern technology calls for innovative ways to save water in the toilets. The best way to do this is by installing toilets with the ‘Low Flow’ feature. This helps save massive quantities of water. Besides, the flushing power is decent and provides the same functionalities with very minimum use of water. This is a crucial step as the toilets tend to use more water than washing machines or dishwashers. If you have a low flow toilet installed in your bathroom, you can further save water by installing a dual flusher. This innovative flushing system provides two resourceful options. It uses less water for flushing liquid waste and more water for solid waste. Thus, it helps save gallons of water eventually.

If installing a low flow toilet is way out of your budget, you could create a flushing system at home using some everyday materials like pebbles and soda water. All you need to do is fill the soda bottle with sand or pebbles and have it placed in your flush tank.

2.)    Be cautious when taking a shower:

The ideal time to spend under a shower is usually about 5 minutes.  However, there are some people who lose themselves in the warm stinging drops of the shower. They end up taking more time than needed, thus wasting too much water in the process. The best solution for those who love to spend countless hours in the shower is to install a low flow shower head. In any usual situation, a shower head consumes about 5 to 8 gallons of water every minute. Installing a low flow shower head reduces this to 2.5 gallons a minute without compromising on the pressure of the water.

If using a shower head is beyond your budget, the best way you can save water in your bathroom without spending a single penny is by using buckets. It helps save a humongous quantity of water at absolutely no extra cost.

3.)    A motion sensor faucet avoids wastage of water:

You may not realize it but you tend to waste large quantities of water when brushing your teeth or simply washing your face. You will be surprised to note the quantity of water that you waste if you could collect all of the wasted water in a separate bucket. The best way to counter this problem is by installing faucets that can sense motion. This is an excellent innovation and the water from the faucet will flow only when you extend your palm under it. This type of faucet not only helps you save immense quantities of water, it also takes the hygiene level notches higher as there is absolutely no need to touch the faucet.

4.)    Buying and using eco friendly products:

The best way to make your Thane homes eco friendly and green is by using bath and cleaning products that are green and eco friendly. From towels to paper rolls and even the cleaning products are available in eco friendly versions.

Author’s bio:

Trevor Jay is an interior designer and has recently refurbished new residential projects in Mumbai and made them eco friendly. He is a freelance writer and a blogger. He documents his experiences and life as an interior designer and also includes smart tips and tricks to make your home green and eco friendly.



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