Holiday Entertaining the Easy Way – with a Keurig® Coffee Maker

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Pulling together a holiday meal can be daunting – Thanksgiving dinner is the kick-off for a social season filled with parties and dining events that can leave you totally frazzled or relaxed and fulfilled with the company of family and friends.  One way to make things easy and free up time so that you can actually socialize with your guests is to invest in a Keurig® coffee maker – it’s the secret to successful entertaining at home and at work. Keurig® pioneered the concept of single serve or on demand coffee and they continue to refine and improve the machines and the process.

Coffee On demand brewing systems make one cup of coffee at a time and they brew the hot beverage directly into a cup, mug or glass. The machines use individual coffee pods which are sealed until the moment of use so the coffee is always fresh, hot and flavorful. To make a cup of coffee you simply insert a pod into the machine, place a cup under the brewing port and press a button – in less than one minute the machine issues a custom crafted cup of coffee that is ready to savor and enjoy.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Part of the hassle of serving coffee is that you never know how much to brew because it’s hard to predict who will want regular coffee, who will want decaffeinated and who might prefer tea, hot chocolate or some other hot beverage. With an on demand brewing system you put the choice into the hands of your guests – all you need do is stock up on a variety pack or sampler pack of regular and decaffeinated coffees and teas in assorted roasts, blends and flavors – your guests will do the work and craft a beverage that is precisely to their taste.

On demand brewing systems eliminate waste because you brew only what you need and not a drop more; cleanup is easy since there is no coffee pot or thermal carafe and no need to fool around with flimsy paper filters and messy coffee grounds. You can keep it simple by using disposable coffee cups – has a great selection of holiday paper products along with Thanksgiving and Christmas tablecloths, or you can make it a formal affair and use your good china and silver.

Simplify life by hosting a smaller event such as coffee and desserts – it’s much less hassle than a full meal and you get to enjoy all the great company and conversation without the effort and expense of a full dinner. A morning coffee and Danish gathering is a great way to get guest who otherwise have a busy social calendar – fewer people will be competing for your intended date and time so turnout should be good.


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