Let the Styling Gurus Transform your Work Space

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The bored cubicle offices are a thing of the past. Now it all about personalized cubicles and team work. The work culture has become much more relaxed and has come to embed the vibe of collective performance be that through ideas and thought provoking conferences or through ad campaigns and launches that take the quality and presentation of the product a step above.  To redefine your work space is to change not only how it looks but also how it feels. It should be welcoming and open and should represent to the client what values your company stands for. Our interior stylists help you to achieve this through simple steps:

1.       Say No to Mess:

Those extra files which are no longer needed and those additional stacks of printouts just lying on your desks? Remove them out and clear your work area so that it appears neat and clean. Make a neat pile of all the papers you are currently working on and make do with the scattered stationary on your work station. A little bit of cleanliness can go a long way in making your space look much more inviting.

2.       Soft Board Fun:

That soft board above your desk is not only to post dates on client luncheons and meetings. You could post a few high spirited and positive quotes or some of your favorite poetry lines which is a great way to start a new day at work. Make your working area your own. Do not hesitate in pinning those clippings that inspire you, rather share them with others too.

3.       Be Simplistic:

Have a refined theme for the redo of your office. Have a classic choice of colors which imbibe tones of white and pastels since these colors are the best reflectors of light and will help in making your workspace appear more spacious and welcoming.  Do not hesitate in going bold with strong tones of green and reds or even yellows and blues since this will not only change the entire mood of the work space but will largely construct a daily healthy work atmosphere.

4.       Carry a Bit of Home With You:

Work can be sometimes dull and boring and the best way to lighten your mood is to have a reminder of love with you. Carry your daughter’s baby picture or a family picture of that earlier vacation or simply a photo of the mad trip last year with your best friend and place it on your desk. One of the best ways to styling your workspace is to bring something of you in it.

5.       Space out the Technology:

Make sure that each cubicle has its own set of technological apparatus required to work. Do not overboard it with additional storage cabinets or drawers. Keep it simple and let the focus be on keeping your workspace looking spacious and effortless. Add on the additional recuperation room wherein your employees can unwind for a cup of coffee or a much needed croissant on a tiresome day.

6.       Play in Some Tunes:

One of the rapidly popular ways to style your workspace is to put in an inbuilt speaker with some soothing instrumental tracks that play all day while at work. Music is considered the best remedies for tuning in all kinds of people to a single energy flow which leads to more efficiency in work productivity.

From upcoming projects in Mumbai to the business towers in the U.S.A styling the workspace has become an intimate and collective affair rather than an indifferent one.

Bio:  Lolita Sur is an interior designer by profession. She is currently designing work spaces in the varied homes in Indore. Her philosophy is to keep it simple and let the space speak for itself.



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