Make Your Home Beautiful by PVC Flooring Tiles

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PVC Flooring tiles are one of the most sought-after residential flooring options for homeowners today for their resilient, tenacious and economical nature. Caring for PVC floors too is not a herculean task and can be done with little effort.

Baffled about which type of residential flooring option would lend your new cozy heart the oomph that you desire? Try out with the vast spectrum of PVC tiles that are making homeowners scurry to pick out just the hues they want for a trendy home décor. Made from Polyvinyl chloride and the synthetic sister of linoleum, these tiles available in small sizes are much coveted today because of umpteen reasons. While there is no question of durability, PVC flooring tiles are also elegant and comfortable to walk on proffering warmth. Here are some more aspects of PVC floors for you to make your choice.

Why to Go for PVC Flooring?

Tenacious and Resilient: One of the main reasons which attract homeowners towards PVC tiles is its impeccable durability and tenacity to withstand heavy traffic efficaciously. If installed properly, they can last you for years with little maintenance. Moreover, they are immensely resilient in that they offer a cushioning effect with a softer underfoot, thus doing away with chances of slipping. In fact, with the whole world running after making life “green”, homeowners are also scrambling to opt for eco-friendly residential flooring with PVC floors ranking high among such options.

Cost-Effective: Who said you need to spend a fortune installing sophisticated wooden flooring? With PVC flooring tiles you can opt for textures and patterns emulating wooden floors and get them installed in your home at much lesser cost without compromising on the looks. In general too PVC costs much less per square meter with low maintenance cost along with durability which also helps you cache in a lot of money.

Installation: Installation of PVC flooring tiles is as easy as it gets. If you wish to save further on the installation charges just get the peel-and-stick tiles which possess adhesives at the back that needs to be pressed on the floor base to stick the tiles. You can also go for an altogether different look by getting another set of such adhesive backed PVCs once the same demeanor becomes a passé.


Caring for Your PVC Vinyl Floors

Maintenance of vinyl floors also comes quite easy. You do not need to indulge in everyday scrubbing to keep your floors spic and span. Regular vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner or simply a broom or dust mop is sufficient to keep your PVC floors free from dirt. However, if the previous night’s party and dancing has left some winespilling on your vinyl you can use a dampened sponge to wipe the surface. However much you may feel the stain might be difficult it is advisable never to use harsh scrubbing tools or detergents to clean your vinyl flooring.

Although you may be tempted to use those much hyped “mop and shine” products to lend your PVC floor the shine, you need to refrain from using such products. Neither is it suggested to go for solvent-based or paste- wax polishes which ultimately tend to leave scratches on the flooring. If you do feel your residential flooring requires to be spruced up in a way so as to make it shine as before use special polish which is designed to suit PVC flooring specifically.

Looking for PVC tile floors of immaculate quality? LG Hausys has emerged as a flooring provider of repute worldwide with its remarkable repertoire of patterns and textures of floor matching the disposition of every room.

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