Security key when it comes to rural properties

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Some people dream of leaving the rat race of the city and relocating to the countryside and even setting up their own business.

Television programmes such as Escape To The Country perpetuate the beauty that rural living can provide and a much slower way of life will pay dividends for wanting to move. However, if you are setting up a business in countryside you need to consider a number of things before making the quite significant step.

While the normal things such as finding a gap in the market, meeting the needs of your target audience and accessibility will have all crossed your mind, one important aspect is the safety of the working property. This is where metal railings and security fencing come in, but remember that when picking out these products you should be thinking more substance over style.

Here are a selection of sturdy solutions that would be ideal for a rural business.

Estate railings

Steel estate railings are the perfect option for those of you setting up or taking over farmland and intending to keep livestock. Granted they are not the most easy on the eye in terms of aesthetics, but they do the job adequately.

The strong, adaptable and cost effective barriers will prevent any unauthorised vehicles from entering the property, while also reducing the threat posed by animals such as foxes and badgers. All railings are galvanized or made from stainless steel with a heavy duty option also available to buyers.

Entrance gates

Entrance gates come in all shapes and sizes but they are an absolute must for rural properties. While they are aesthetically pleasing they also provide that level of security that is needed when setting up shop in the countryside.

The timber frames are sturdy, removing the risk of being broken, while all rail and cross bracings are bolted with stainless steel bolts. The material is superior quality Jakcured softwood guaranteed for 25 years, meaning you can rest easy that the gate won’t become warped or damaged during a heavy downpour.

Entrance gates are especially useful if you are going to be owning a farm as they can be installed as a border between your field and a public footpath. This will prevent any members of the public wandering across your property when they shouldn’t be.

Sentry residential railings

Normally associated with either urban or suburban living, sentry residential railings can be the perfect tool for protecting a rural business. These imposing railings will help to deter any would be criminals, while also ensuring that wild animals do not sneak onto your property.

Made out of either galvanised or stainless steel they can be customised to your specific requirements and can flank your entire business. Like with estate railings they are not the prettiest thing to look at but they do the job of keeping your company or farm safe and sound.

You can also take the opportunity to have them base plated giving that extra level of security to the perimeter of your premises.



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